A quick update is overdue. I will follow up when I get the next blood test done. I had a test in early April, confirming the positive March result with a super low PSA result of .44. I will have another test pretty soon. The “Overview” graph has been updated.

I don’t have an explanation for the huge spike last fall and winter. The first suspect is excessive travel. Similarly, I don’t have a definitive explanation for the reversal, because there are too many variables. I am constantly trying new approaches. Whatever is working, I am grateful for it and happy to be feeling well and full-functioning as I approach my fifth “birthday.”

I heard an amusing anecdote recently. A fellow cancer adventurer interviewed for treatment at the most advanced medical cancer establishment in this region. After viewing the chemotherapy treatment area, he was shown the next space, which was set up as a buffet for post-treatment. The food selection focused on hyper-sugary desserts, with the rationale that chemotherapy dulls the taste buds, that keeping weight up was important, and that the patients were due for an uplifting emotional treat. The concern that sugar is considered by many to be a major factor in causing cancer was not mentioned. Wow!

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