Current Strategies

John’s Strategies List as of 3/1/14:


  • Strict diet: No sugar, low carb, fresh, vegan, best quality water.
  • Anti-cancer herbs and supplements: I have been using the Mederi Foundation (Ashland, OR) for guidance for the past year. I take about 60 capsules a day, involving about 15 different formulae. I also do 1 coffee enema weekly.
  • Hormone Therapy: I have used various hormone adjusters as prescribed by my oncologist, particularly to (1) manage testosterone and (2) mitigate side effects of (1). Currently I take 3 different hormone medications daily, 1 or 1/2 pill each, plus “LDN” an immune system support medication.
  • Ozone Therapy: Daily insufflation or sauna using my own equipment at home. This takes about 30 minutes.
  • Exercise: I use a rebounder with 10 pound arm weights frequently, plus lately a platform vibration machine daily. I am also using an “Earthing Mat” at my desk and during sleep. If the weather ever clears up I will get back to golfing 9 holes at least once weekly.
  • Mental-Emotional Hygiene: I am vigilant about resolving binds or conflicts as soon as possible, and minimizing stress; I pay close attention to quality of sleep.
  • Master Zhi Gang Sha’s Tao practices: I play his chanting at low volume 24/7 in my sleeping area, and use his Tao teachings constantly.






Primary in frequency of usage

  • Resolve attitude/expectation/belief binds and interpersonal issues
  • Apply Polarity Therapy Principles and Cosmology
  • Meditation
  • Qigong practices- Body, Mind, Sound, Soul-
  • Visualizing the affected areas and applying particular intentions and Tao mantras, daily
  • Qigong blessing before meals
  • Minimize sights & sounds pollution (minimize negative speech & sound, including from TV & movies)
  • Exercise 2x weekly or more (stationary bike or rebounder with arm weights, with oxygen concentrator)
  • Ozone therapy (ozone sauna, ozone insufflation) at least once daily
  • Sitting at desk less frequently & use doughnut pillow in car
  • Sessions (Craniosacral, Polarity, Qigong, massage, counseling) as time permits
  • Naturopathic herbal suppository, weekly – squaw vine, echinacea root, comfrey root, marshmallow root, chickweed, golden seal root as time permits
  • Skin brushing (dry skin for lymph) daily
  • Himalayan Salt Inhaler, weekly (was daily for the first year when lungs were more of an issue)
  • Under the Gum (Dental Herb Co.) via Waterpik, weekly or as needed
  • Coffee enema weekly

Strategies from the early days and other strategies that are now secondary in frequency of usage:

  • Oct. 28 and Nov. 15 2010 healing sessions with Zhi Gang Sha (Taoist Qigong)
  • Feng Shui review and remedies including aggressive cleaning and ordering of the home space
  • 10-day Qigong Retreat (Oct. 5-14, 2010)
  • Check pH (goal is to stay above 7; not doing this so often because level stabilized in good range)
  • Color Therapy Cancer Protocol (from “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” by Stanley Burroughs)
  • Naturopathic herb poultice applied to bone with DMSO, weekly- comfrey leaves, comfrey root, irish moss, marshmallow, mullein, plantain, white oak bark (discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Foot bath with BEFI (as time permits, discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Harmoniser amulet
  • Magnesium oil transdermal
  • Medical intuitive consultations (4 so far)
  • Wheat grass implant at night (as time permits, discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Colonic irrigation with essential oils, coffee- (3x total, discontinued in winter 2011)
  • L.I.F.E. Biofeedback (discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Rife machine (discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Sit in direct sunlight (20 min; 3x weekly, when possible)
  • Sound therapies – Dr. Sha, Tibetan bowls, toning, John Beaulieu tuning fork, Darrell Brann CDs
  • Gravity inversion & slant board for sleep (discontinued in winter 2011)
  • Grounding sheet for sleeping (discontinued in winter 2011); also sitting barefoot on early morning grass
  • Castor oil packs (1x weekly or as time permits; discontinued in spring 2010 to save time)
  • Chi machine with concentrated oxygen (as time permits; reduced frequency summer 2010)
  • Violet ray device applied to lung area (as time permits; reduced frequency summer 2010)
  • Zero Point wand applied to prostate and lung areas (Amega) (reduced frequency summer 2010)
  • Turn off wi-fi at night (reduced frequency summer 2010)


  • Casodex – Anti-androgen hormone therapy (1 pill daily; started 10/19/10; continuing now with several breaks to see what happens)
  • Lupron – LHRH blocker hormone therapy (1 shot monthly; started 10/25/10, ended July 2011)