During the summer I have had a dramatic rise in my PSA score, leaving me confused about what is happening. I feel well and on the mend generally, but this is now twice within one year that the apparent prostate activity has surged. I have two valued opinions from my oncologist and also a naturopath, that this is just inflammation and not increasing cancer.

I am continuing to experiment with remedies, including going back to a more strict diet and resuming casodex hormone therapy. I have done the casodex in waves, believing that it is not natural and has side effects, so sustained use is not optimum. I have been experimenting with PEMF technology for tissue repair, but since this experiment coincided with the PSA rise, I am taking a break. I think PEMF is excellent for general health but maybe it is also excellent for cancer cell health via microcirculation enhancement.

I have a decision to make about annual imaging. I have had some kind of imaging annually for five years, and I am thinking maybe the exposure and cost are no longer necessary. On the other hand I am a bit rattled by the PSA mystery. I will make this decision between now and mid-October.

Thanks to everyone who has checked in and sent me well wishes! It is amazing to think that this adventure has now been going for over 5 years!

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