Yesterday I got test results showing PSA is now back to .97, an excellent turn of events considering I was at 47 on Dec. 28. See the overview chart to get the story in a nutshell. I am very grateful to have this turnaround!

There are several factors in play. I went back on a stronger hormone therapy (Lupron shot once a month) to block testosterone which is apparently a fuel for this kind of cancer. The unpleasant side effects of Lupron take a while to become established, but I can already feel the beginnings of those in the form of disrupted sleep. I expect to stop the Lupron now that the PSA score is low again; I can always do more if the situation calls for it.

Meanwhile I continued the naturopathic suppository from Herbs of Grace, mentioned in the last installment.

I also added daily use of CBD oil topically. CBD oil is cannabis extract with the psychoactive component THC removed. I started this about Feb. 10 and felt improved urination (meaning reduced swelling in the prostate) within just a few hours. I have heard so many anecdotal reports of the benefits of cannabis for cancer, and I can now add my experience to the very large body of data. It is appalling to think how much suffering could have been avoided by cancer sufferers if not for the blatant corruption and “reefer madness” hysteria of the FDA and related authorities to suppress a valuable botanical so ruthlessly and for so long while also promoting other much more dangerous substances. As I have said repeatedly, having cancer is inevitably politicizing.

Also new is a month-long homeopathic course of treatment for mycoplasma, based on research offered by a consultant expert, Dr. Bertrand Babinet. Mycoplasma is kind of sub-microscopic infection that creates systemic inflammation.

Also notable, I received the enormous blessing of unsolicited supportive contact from Tao Master Zhi Gang Sha on Feb. 11. As described in previous posts, Master Sha has been a major resource for healing and it was truly extraordinary to attract his attention. He obviously has very advanced spirit-world radar, to remotely sense my situation from thousands of miles away (he lives in Toronto and travels constantly around the world). We did not actually speak directly yet, but I felt strongly uplifted by whatever he did at that time. I continue my usage of the skills and resources that he has given so generously and kindly since he dramatically rescued me in 2010 in my bleakest time.

Lastly, I tightened up my dietary strategy, which had gradually loosened up over the long term. It takes a little longer in prep time to have a bountiful fresh salad every day, but it is clear to me that this use of time is important.

An interesting feature of the chart is that PSA spikes have happened consistently in the fall. Of course there are other factors, such as stress related to the flood of 2013 and the excessive travel of 2014, but the meta-pattern also interests me. I don’t have a clear sense of why this is the case. For me, autumn is the time of starting school, which for me was ambivalent at best in the earliest experiences, then exciting in the later years.

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