This is a much shorter-interval report subsequent to a much-sooner PSA test. I responded to the super-high (47) PSA score in December 28 by re-reading my original sources, to try and figure out what I might do differently. In addition I resumed the monthly Lupron hormone therapy (one shot monthly), starting in early January. I also changed the Casodex to one pill every other day, after reading about problems with long-term use. I also made my diet more strict, as it had been in 2010, and resumed the daily internal naturopathic herbal poultice that I used in 2010. That formula was particularly effective, as I could notice the difference in just one day. The formula comes from Farida Sharan’s excellent book Herbs of Grace.

As a result the PSA number dropped from 47 to 17, and the urinary symptoms and were relieved. I will continue with the Lupron for one more month and then decide what to do next.

I also have had an appointment to learn about the outpatient procedure Prostate Arterial Embolization, described last month. It appears that this is not going to be happening, for several reasons including insurance coverage , FDA designation for BPH not cancer, and cost. The specialist also said that it would not make sense to do it when conditions are improving, which is now the case.

All in all, I am happy to be back in less worrisome PSA score territory, with minimal symptoms.

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