There was a lapse in reporting, four months instead of the usual two, and I think I am now at a place where it makes sense to do less frequent updates. Generally I am feeling well, now four years after the start of the process and no news is good news.

Recently I completed the annual imaging tests, which have become the primary diagnostic method other than the blood test for PSA which I have been doing every two months. This year the doctor did not feel a need for lung x-ray or pubic bone scan, because these seem to be resolved. This year MRI was used to check the prostate area and the lumbar spine. The first is the usual soft tissue scan, the second is because I have had lower back symptoms for over 11 years and we wanted to find out if any of that was related.

The soft tissue view showed that the prostate itself is similar, however there is now no sign of cancer activity outside the prostate. In previous scans there was a problematic patch just above the prostate. So this is a sign of good progress, at least now I am down to just the one area and there is no indication of expansion. The prostate itself is like a walnut with a hard shell, so it is less susceptible to my therapeutic strategies.

The lumbar spine view showed stenosis at L4-L5, but no sign of cancer being part of the situation. This is good news, although I am still left with the question of what to do with my back problems. These began around 2003, possibly deriving initially from a broken coccyx due to a hard fall on ice. I have been trying different ways of repairing this, including exercises and touch therapy, but so far I have not found a true solution. Now at least I have a formal name for the situation, and reassurance that it is not cancer.

Meanwhile my blood tests show my PSA score to be steady, at 7.44. It was 7.57 in April and 6.62 in February. This is a little high but it is good to not have any spikes away from the norm. Other aspects of the blood tests are pretty similar to prior results, with nothing standing out as causing new alarm.

Based on all this I expect to be just continuing my routine, with maybe some experimental lessening of strictness with diet. What I am doing now (including diet, herbal formulae, oxygen therapy, exercise, mild hormone therapy and mind-body awareness practices) seems to be sustainable.

I continue to hear from other cancer adventurers, from many places, and I am happy to try and support, usually with pep talks and information.

Also, I am very grateful for the many expressions of support that come to me from family, friends, colleagues, students and clients. Your well wishes are very significant for me, in every way!

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