Good news to report in the bimonthly PSA testing. In October there had been a spike indicating more inflammation, from about 3 to about 17 (anything over 4 is not good). Because the July imaging tests were very good, the doctor guessed that this spike was due to the high stress of the Boulder flood and trying to finish the Polarity Counseling book. In the flood a landslide demolished our business home of 11 years, and the book was an adventure in its own right. In the latest test on Dec. 4, the PSA score was 3.11.

In the time between the two PSA tests I experienced a magical time with Tao Master Zhi Gang Sha, who was in Colorado providing his periodic retreat up in Estes Park. I was able to attend for 8 days, and once again he was extraordinarily kind and generous, giving me three treatments as well as countless other beneficial moments. This is the third time that serendipity has arranged for me to have his attention at the time of high PSA scores, and the third time the subsequent score has dropped decisively immediately after the treatments! You can see the pattern on the graph here.

I am continuing my general regimen of strict diet, anti-cancer herbs, oxygen therapy, hormone therapy, stress management focus and Tao practices from Master Sha. I feel well with no particular symptoms.

The hormone therapy has been interesting. As the graph shows, I have used Casodex to block testosterone in the past year. But when I got the good imaging tests in July, I thought I would take a break because some of the side effects were bothersome, as described earlier. When the PSA spiked up I resumed the Casodex, and this time my oncologist supplemented it with other hormone pills to manage estrogen and progesterone. Her strategy has worked, as the side effects have not returned, after three months. I am grateful that she has the knowledge to figure out the balance!

I continue to research the whole field of cancer treatment, and I continue to hear from many other people seeking info. It is amazing to me that even after three years there are still new fields of information being revealed to me. The “dark side of cancer treatment,” in which effective methods have been ruthlessly suppressed by the government (particularly the FDA and the AMA) and the cancer industry, has become continually more apparent. There are several excellent references for this subject and I think all newcomers to the field should spend at least a day immersing themselves in the history of cancer treatment in America. In my opinion, resources such as Cancer, the Forbidden Cures, Burzynski, The Secret History of the War on Cancer, Krebiozen, A Matter of Life or Death and/or www.cancertutor.com should be required reading for new cancer adventurers and their caregivers.

Again I would like to express my gratitude for all those who have helped me in the many different aspects of my adventure. I am very happy to be still in the game and enjoying life so much, now a full 3+ years after the whole process started!

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